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"They got everything in this thing. Fainting goats. Sneezing pandas. Double rainbows, all the way to both ends… Where’s this thing been all my life?"

– Silas Robertson, on YouTube

Yes, on this week’s Duck Dynasty, ol’ Uncle Si apparently experiences YouTube for the first time, and his productivity drops to previously unseen levels.

If that’s possible.

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Si is so hooked on the ‘Tube that he skips lunch with the Duck Commander gang and is still watching his "magic box" when they return an hour later.

All this after Willie shut down social media at work. You can’t tell slackers what to, Will. If you push back, they’ll find another way to slack, Jack!


Si decides he will make his own instructional videos for YouTube on subjects like "training dogs, how to walk, how to talk, how to eat a hard-shell taco."

Or just golf, since he used to work the grounds at a source.

With Jep filming, Si begins, "I am an amateur golfer, but a professional golf instructor." His four keys: Stance, swing, long putts and "don’t overdo it."

Meanwhile, John Luke smashes up Willie’s pickup truck, so Korie and Jessica drive him to the dealer to pick up a loaner en route to their mani-pedis.

The women leave Willie with his niece and nephew, Silla and River, who are cute as you’d think and who they want to be "the best uncle in the world."

As the CEO of Duck Commander put it so eloquently, "Saying no is a lot more difficult than saying yes, especially when they’re not you’re kids."

Eventually, Big Will caves and decides being the Best Uncle Ever is more important here. Even if that means pouring melted ice cream on the seats.

Plus, he has John Luke to help him clean the truck cab.