Connecticut School Bans Students from Saying "Hump Day"

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Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki mocking Geico's Hump Day ads? Hilarious.

Sixth graders constantly using a weird voice and screaming throughout the hallway that it's Hump Day, even when it's not Wednesday?

Far less hilarious, according to teachers at Vernon Center Middle School in Connecticut.

Yes, this camel-based commercial has apparently taken on an irritating life of its own at the school, with administrators saying boys are uttering the phrase so often that it's become disruptive. So teachers have come up with a solution, as explained in the following video:

The words have been banned from campus.

Update: Superintendent Mary Conway acknowledges that the phrase has grown tiresome, but tells The Hartford Courant that no such ban is in place.

"It's not systemic," she says. "It's middle school stuff. There'll be another phrase or song next week that the kids will all be singing."

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