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Freida Pinto is front and center in Bruno Mars’ just-released "Gorilla" music video, playing a stripper by the name of Isabella who is new to the pole-dancing game.

Mars co-wrote the song and directed the video. Actor Luis Gusman is the seedy club owner who introduces Pinto’s character as "the new girl in town."

In the six-minute video, Bruno watches men throw dollar bills at Freida as she grinds on the pole, whips her hair back and forth and touches her body.

Watch the provocative Bruno Mars "Gorilla" video below:

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"You got your legs up in the sky / With the devil in your eyes," Mars croons, regarding his muse. "Let me hear you say you want it all / Say it now, say it now."

As you may have guessed, the two end up together.


At the end of the music video, the beauty saunters onstage and takes the musician’s guitar. She then pours tequila on the instrument and lights it on fire.

This causes the sprinklers to turn on, drenching a lingerie-clad Pinto and delighting the 2014 Super Bowl performer and male viewers everywhere.

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