Brandi Glanville on Joyce Giraud: I Don't Like Her!

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Joyce Giraud is new to Bravo. Viewers will meet this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member on the show's November 4 premiere.

But Brandi Glanville has already gotten to know Giraud and she made it very clear Wednesday night: she's not a fan!

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At the premiere party for Season 4 in Los Angeles, Glanville was asked about her two new colleagues, Giraud and Carlton Gebbia.

"I like Carlton and I don't like Joyce," Eddie Cibrian's ex told Us Weekly very simply. "Carlton is a real straight woman. She is a great woman, a great mom. She is the real deal and no BS, and the other one is the complete opposite."

Giraud might not agree with that statement, but she isn't backing down either. She isn't making any apologies for her personality.

"I think it's always tough to be a new girl in a bunch," Joyce said at the same event. "I'm honest and I'm myself. Some people will like it, and some people will not."

Lisa Vanderpump, meanwhile, said she likes Giraud "very much" specifically because she's "straightforward and very direct," while Gebbia  teased an upcoming clash with.

"It was very hard because I'm very quiet and protective of what I believe in just because there are ignorant people," Gebbia said of her Celtic ancestry and involvement with witchcraft. "When it did come out, for the most part it was received in a favorable way. Then you have the percentage...I don't judge people by their faith, but unfortunately some people are uncomfortable."

Yes, by the way, we said witchcraft. Now you'll be tuning in to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere, won't you?

Gebbia and Giraud have replaced exiting cast members Taylor Armstrong and Adrienne Maloof.

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