Before and After Makeup Photos Go Viral, Spark Heated Debate

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Makeup is a powerful tool for transformation. It's also a lightning rod for discussion on the web, where the no makeup revolution has become en vogue.

To wit, a set of stark "before" and "after" makeup photos posted on Reddit have brought the question up for debate: Is makeup a good or bad thing?

Redditor water_anus posted two side-by-side photos of a woman, seemingly heavily-done makeup and hair on the right and no styling at all on the left.

The caption: "Make-up. That's it." This posting quickly went viral and has opened up debate amongst Reddit users and beyond on a number of levels.

From criticisms of her unsmiling face to praise for the masterful makeup skills to discussion over the merits of wearing makeup in general, it's got it all.

First off ... is it even the same woman? Is that even the point? Opinions vary.

One commenter wrote that this is proof to "not trust one's looks," but several others pointed out that most women wear makeup, just more subtly.

Others are fired up that the "no makeup" movement has gone overboard.

As one put it, "Gotta love the anti-makeup circle jerk. Someone finds a way to look on the outside how they feel on the inside and everyone wants to $h!t on it."

"Some people can't just work out and eat right to be prettier and no matter what lie you want to tell yourself at the end of the day; looks still matter."

Do you agree? What is your stance on the use of makeup overall?

Moreover, what do you think of this drastic "before" and "after"? Are the photos real? And is the sentiment behind them something you subscribe to?

Share your comments on the photos in the comments below ...

Before and After Makeup Pics
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