Arnold Schwarzenegger Recites Famous Movie Lines: He'll Be Back!

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Due to his affair, his child out of wedlock and his inability to properly govern California, Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't exactly so beloved these days.

But the actor's movie resume remains one of the more impressive in Hollywood, with viewers often reciting lines from such classics as Terminator, Kindergarten Cop and Predator.

So to fulfill the never-ending requests of fans who stop him on the street and ask for a recitation of various quips and threats, Schwarzenegger filmed a series of videos late last week in which he yelled out the movie quotes that were most upvoted by users on Reddit.

To wit:

Schwarzenegger even dedicated a couple of lines to specific readers, including one fighting in Afghanistan.

Watch the actor get really into this endeavor below:

Did Schwarzenegger forget your favorite line? Don't worry, he says in the following footage. He'll probably do this again. He'll return. Okay, we'll just say it: he'll be back...

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