Twerking World Record: Big Freedia Organizes Historic NYC Event

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Big Freedia helped orchestrate a new world record as 358 people simultaneously Twerked their rear ends off yesterday in Herald Square in Manhattan.

Yes ... the Twerking World Record was set.

The New Orleans hip-hop diva officially broke the record for "Most People Twerking Simultaneously" Or, better put, a "Record Breaking Booty Shaking."

Big Freedia, who you may know from RuPaul's "Peanut Butter" music video, set out to gather hundreds of people to twerk, together, for two minutes.

That's less time than we saw Miley Cyrus Twerking on Robin Thicke last month, but with 358 people going hard at once, it got this particular job done.

Charlie Weisman, a Guinness World Record official wearing the official Guinness sports coat, was in attendance to make sure everyone followed the rules.

In short, "no hands on the ground, no hands on your ankles," Big Freedia told Twerkers of all ages who showed up, from 8-year-olds to 80-year-olds.

The Guinness official announced at the end of the event, "Today, I'm happy to announce a new Guinness World Record with a total of 358 participants."

As for what inspired the record setting attempt, Big Freedia told Fuse:

"It would open a lot of doors and set history for bounce music and let the world know that we've been twerking for a long time. This is not new at all."

Maybe not ... but this lady Twerking definitely is:

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