Texas Woman Arrested For Pretending to Be Ex's New Girlfriend In Craigslist Sex Ad

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This is even crazier than the Miley Cyrus pregnant rumor ... and actually true.

A Texas woman was recently arrested for pretending to be her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend on Craigslist and soliciting sexual encounters for her ... seriously.

Samantha Weber, 38, faces a felony charge of online impersonation for the alleged Internet hoax she perpetrated against her former man's squeeze.

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Authorities say an account registered to her was used to place a fake ad on Craigslist that solicited men to come to Heather McCarthy's home for sex acts.

An investigation was launched after McCarthy complained to police about a series of men arriving at her home on April 18 for the sexual encounters.

A Harris County (Tex.) Precinct 4 Constable’s Office detective “obtained subpoenas and search warrants from Craigslist, AT&T Wireless and Google.”

“McCarthy was in fear for her safety when multiple men visited her home” looking to take her up on the online ad's claims, My Fox Houston reported.

It's unclear how the faux McCarthy claimed she would put out for the respondents or how much money she asked for in return for her sexy services.

Her boyfriend, Weber’s ex, helped her fend off the unwanted visitors at her home and she told officials that she did not place the ad on Craigslist.

That's what led them to investigate the sex ad and its true author, Weber.

Guess Revenge is not a dish best served on Craigslist ... or something.

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