Tennessee Man Offers Free Football Ticket, Date with Stepdaughter to Fans on Craigslist

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It’s tough being a Tennessee football fan. Morale has gotten so low that one fan is offering a free ticket on Craigslist to a man who will date his stepdaughter.

The good news? Jessica is a cutie. And it would be a great first-date story.

The bad news? You still have to watch Tennessee get thrashed by Florida.

The Craigslist ad posted Monday has been pulled but Fox Sports managed to find it first. The man behind it is Gary Yates, a Vols fan living in Denver.

Yates said in the ad that he was making the ticket ($150 face value) and his stepdaughter available because another man “backed out” of the date.

The ticket winner will be an “attractive, professional, single well-educated gentleman, with a good sense of humor” not threatened by intelligent women.

The ticket is not really "free" per se, as the winner owes Jessica a “modest dinner, drinks and delightful conversation with her before or after the game.”

Still, that's not a bad deal, right?

Craigslist Stepdaughter Football Ad
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