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Things appear to be heating up with Robert Pattinson and… someone.

Following reports that the actor and a brunette were spotted together at a party over the weekend, the following video reports that they’ve also hit the gym as a pair multiple times over the past few days, while an Us Weekly source says Rob and this new girlfriend were holding hands at the aforementioned shindig.

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"There were like 40 people at the party, it was intimate, and Rob was next to her the entire time no matter where he was," says an onlooker, adding that the handsome star looked "really happy."


The party was in honor of Shoshana Bush, but all subsequent talk has centered on Pattinson and this unnamed brunette.

The insider says she was "heard calling him babe."

No photos exist yet of Rob and this mystery woman and no site has come up with her name yet.

But let’s hope Kristen Stewart isn’t aware of the news. Some believe she’s been losing her hair over the stress of missing her old man – and that was before Pattinson moved on.

UPDATE: Might this woman be Sydney Liebes?