Polina Polonsky on Lamar Odom: An Out of Control, Paranoid Crack Smoker!

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Polina Polonsky has spoken out once again about Lamar Odom and her affair with the troubled husband of Khloe Kardashian.

But this time the focus was less on sex and more on drugs.

Polonsky - an attorney who met Odom at the Roosevelt Hotel after he had been given the boot by Khloe in May - previously detailed a relationship with Lamar that culminated when Kardashian learned of the dalliance and broke into Polina's hotel room, fists flying.

In a new interview with TMZ Live, meanwhile, Polonsky confirms that Odom smoked crack in her presence and also grew especially paranoid when the pair lived tougher.

He took the battery out of his cell phone, for instance, because he feared a GPS device had been planted in it. He also covered all smoke detectors with paper towels.

In July, not long after Khloe confronted Polina and essentially dragged Odom away, the latter received a text message that referred to her as a "group, junkieā€¦ crack head." It came from Lamar's phone, but Polonsky is certain Khloe actually sent it.

This Q&A with Polonsky is only the latest in a string of stories and rumors about Odom's downward spiral.

He reportedly checked into rehab last week... for one full day. A friend claims he's been ignoring all advice from loved ones "smoking himself to death," while Khloe has changed her Twitter profile photo to one that does NOT include her estranged husband.

Some say Lamar's addiction has grown to severe that he's actually been cut off by his crack dealer, but others recently saw him out and said he looks relatively healthy.

It's all a bit confusing, but it's undoubtedly a mess. We'll continue to root for Odom to pull his life together as we provide readers with updates about his condition.

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