Northampton Clown: Seeking to Amuse, Create "Harmless Fun"

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Can't a dude dressed like one of Stephen King's most famous creations just have a bit of fun?

That's what the Northampton Clown is asking, as the man who has been terrorizing a town in England actually gave an interview this week in which he tried to calm the panic that has ensued since he started to randomly appear on street corners last Friday.

"I just want to amuse people," the costumed man tells the Northampton Chronicle & Echo. "It’s like watching a horror movie, when people get scared they usually start laughing… I hope many are starting to see it as a bit of harmless fun.”

The clown says he's been "absolutely amazed" by the negative reaction he's received, though Northampton Police Chief Constable Adrian Lee is not among those bothered by his unexplained sightings.

"If I met the clown, I would shake his hands to thank him for what he's doing," Lee says. "I think it's something to be enjoyed by us all."

In response to the fear of many residents, however, "The Clown Catcher" has also emerged in this British hamlet. He dresses in a purple superhero suit and says he comes "in peace," hoping to apprehend his foe.

But the clown says there is nothing to be afraid of, telling the publication that he'll keep doing his weird thing "for as long as people are interested," and then eerily adding on Facebook:

"I'll be seeing you soon! Beep Beep!!"

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