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Actress Nicole Kidman was knocked to the ground Thursday by a photographer biking down on a New York City sidewalk, and is expected to press charges.

Nicole Kidman Knocked Down By Bicycle

The actress, 46, was struck by celebrity gossip photographer Carl Wu, who rode into her as she returned to the Carlyle Hotel from a fashion show.

"She looked hurt, but there wasn’t any blood," a witness said.

"She put her shoes back on and ran into the Carlyle."

Police only said they would write a ticket for Wu, who a witness says attempted to slam on the brakes but couldn’t do so before slamming into Kidman.


He was not arrested for a criminal offense.

The star was attending the Calvin Klein show at N.Y. Fashion Week. Here’s hoping she isn’t hurt badly, but if she’s pressing charges, she may be banged up.