New Girl Season Premiere Recap: They're All In!

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On the New Girl Season 3 premiere, we learned some important things from new lovebirds Nick and Jess, along with roommates Schmidt and Winston:

  • Running away from your problems doesn't make them go away.
  • A hilariously absurd comedy can be also be heartwarming.
  • Puzzles are so hard.

When Jess and Nick are the healthiest, most normal-seeming people around (even after they ran off to Mexico on a whim) that sums up this crew.

Compared to Schmidt and his two girlfriends and Winston's apathetic, color-blind, seemingly painkiller-induced daze (which was never really addressed)?

Nick and Jess seem like straight shooters.

One thing the characters and the audience were reminded of so vividly Tuesday night was that for all the screwball antics, this is a show with real emotion.

No one would ever act like Nick, Jess or Schmidt in real life, but we've all thought about it, and can relate on a visceral level to these terrific characters.

The show also showed us quickly that Nick and Jess as a couple is not about just them. As Jess puts it, "There is no 'us' without Schmidt and Winston."

Subtle? No. But honest, given their setup in the loft and the show's dynamic, to acknowledge right off the bat that there are four people in this relationship.

One of whom is dating two women and the other of whom somehow did not know he was color blind for the first 31 years of his life. Welcome back, gang!

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