LSU Fraternity Apologizes for Horribly Offensive Kent State Massacre Sign

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Rest easy, Miley Cyrus. You are no longer the most offensive individual in the country.

An LSU fraternity has apologized for hanging a sign Saturday that referenced the deadly 1970 shooting on the campus of Kent State, prior to the schools doing battle on the football field.

The sign read: "Getting Massacred Is Nothing New to Kent St."

LSU Fraternity Sign

On May 4, 1970, National Guard officers opened fire on protesting students, killing four in the process.

A spokesman for Kent State condemned the LSU sign as "inappropriate" and the university's DKE chapter eventually agreed, issuing the following apology on Sunday:

We, the men of Zeta Zeta, formally apologize to your entire community for the banner that was hung from our house this past weekend. The sign was inappropriate and should never have been hung in the first place. We hope that the Kent State community can forgive our action and accept our sincere apologies.

We apologize not only to the community of Kent State, but also to those who were personally affected by this tragedy in American history. Hanging the banner was a poor attempt at humor.  We, as young college students, did not grasp the full scoop of the tragedy and it's long lasting effects.

This is not how we would like to represent our fraternity as well as our school, and we certainly hope we did not put a negative spin on your school's visit to Louisiana State University.

Of course, LSU fraternities are notorious for controversial banners.

DKE was also criticized last year for one that used the Aurora, Colorado shooting as fodder and read "Like The Batman Premiere, We're Starting Off With A Bang," while another in relation to the LSU/UAB tilt read:

"It's Gonna Be a Gas. Syriasly."

There was also the "Only Winner from Florida is Casey Anthony" banner, which is simply false. What about Tim Tebow?!?

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