Joan Rivers Slams Dina Lohan, Michael Lohan Responds on Twitter

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Joan Rivers and the Lohans are at it again.

This time it's Dina Lohan's DUI arrest that has the Fashion Police personality taking cheap shots - and Dina's former husband Michael up in arms.

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Joan Rivers in Mink

“Dina Lohan was charged with a DUI in New York last week. Has anyone in that family been photographed when it wasn’t a mug shot?” Rivers Tweeted.

LiLo’s mother was arrested after driving with a BAC of .20 and now, like her daughter and ex-husband, is a member of our celebrity mug shots gallery.

The Rivers-Lohan feud is hardly new, with Joan having zinged Lindsay for years, and as a result, Michael Lohan is hitting back at her over this.

“With all the things she’s done, she should’ve had her own mug shot (ie: Edgar). Needless to say, her family photos look like they are out of a mortuary,” he said.

“People like Joan Rivers continue to take pokes at my daughter rather than look at themselves," he added, bashing her love for plastic surgery.

“Either she has a mortician on retainer or she is getting her formaldehyde by smoking PCP," added Michael of the Romancing the Joan star.

"At her rate, she won’t need any embalming fluid when her times comes because she has more in her than most mortuaries have in inventory."

“What’s the matter Joan? You can pick on everyone else and make fun of them but people can’t do it with you? At least what I say has some validity and truth to it."

"For God sake, you look like the Catwoman and your daughter.“

Later, MiLo ranted on Twitter, “Get off it Joan! Back off. You’re no match. You mind or witt are no competition. Use a barametric chamber instead of a scalpel.”

Your move, JR ...

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