Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan Declare Twerking Over, Introduce "Scrumping"

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Twerking is so over, according to Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan.

Maybe they've never seen Miley Cyrus Twerking. Or maybe they've seen too much of Miley Cyrus Twerking. In any case, they say it's totes played out.

On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Thursday, LiLo appeared and participated in a sketch about a fake Teen Nick show called Ew. It's about stuff that's ... ew.

Take a look at their comedic collaboration below:

"I'm Sara," Fallon said, getting into character as your standard American teenage girl. "And if you're wondering, that's S-A-R-A. No H, because H's are ew!"

Sara then introduced her BFFLFR - best friend forever for life for realsies - Stephanie Sullivan (Lohan), a big fan of One Direction singer Harry Styles.

Twerking? Not so much love there amongst these BFFLFRs. "Did you see the new Miley Cyrus video?" Sara asked. "We should do some twerking!"

"Ew," Stephanie replied. "No. Twerking is so 2-0-1-3."

"Nowadays it's all about scrumping!" Naturally, Sara challenged Stephanie to a "scrump-off." To see what that entailed, you'll have to watch above.

Jimmy has been on fire lately, with his lip sync-off with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ode to #hashtags with Justin Timberlake and other classic late night bits.

What do you think of Fallon and Lohan's collaboration?

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