Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Recap: Most Intense Episode Ever?

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Grey’s Anatomy returned for its 10th season with a two-hour premiere last night, and for fans who have stuck with the show, it was all they could hope for.

Make-ups. Break-ups. Lighter moments and tragic ones. And probably the most intense first 15-20 minutes of any episode in Grey's Anatomy history.

We start off with Bailey, the baby, and everybody fawning over him and his cute parents. That little baby MerDer has the fans swooning from the start.

But the levity is short-lived. Callie lets everyone know that Arizona cheated on her, and she is not happy. Richard is missing and Shane is sent to find her.

Then tragedy strikes. Shane pawns the task off on Heather, who discovers a semi-conscious Webber, but is electrocuted and dies herself on the spot.

Shane ends up finding Heather and Webber, who is alive, but weak and needs surgery. Since he is childless and a widower, they must find his next-of-kin.

That would be Meredith Grey.

Meredith chose to go through with the operation, despite any misgivings, but Katherine Avery demands they stop, claiming his body can't handle it.

Bailey was adamant that Webber needed surgery. Katherine told Bailey the reason she is so determined is because she told him he was a “drunk.”

In the end, it was up to Meredith to decide and she gives it the green light. Webber survives, and Grey's fans are rewarded for holding out hope.

As for Heather, there was no hope. The interns were given the night off and ordered to come up with nice stories to tell their colleague's mother.

Initially, they couldn’t come up with any. They didn’t think they were close. Guilt weighed heavily on Shane, for his obvious, indirect link to her death.

Alex tells them that Cristina and Meredith, the only two left from the original Grey’s Anatomy intern class, are his family and that they are the same.

Owen and Cristina broke up in the season finale, but they are far from over. They get it on multiple times as a way to "redo" their last time together.

Jackson and April are done. For now. He breaks it off, and she accepts Matthew's proposal, but one gets the sense that it's not over for them either.

Arizona and Callie made for some of the episode's most heated moments, as Callie moved out and took little Sofia to Derek and Meredith’s house.

Callie then refused to let Arizona even see Sofia. Cristina told her such actions are only hurting Sofia in the end. Think Calzona can weather this?

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