Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Reviews: What's the Forecast?

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Autumn is upon us and it's growing a bit chilly in various parts of the country.

But on the big screen, starting today, it's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! 2!

Yes, a sequel to the original hit - which was based on a wildly popular children's book - is now in release at a theater near you. Should you take your kids to a showing?

Check out the trailer below and then scroll down for a collection of movie reviews from critics around the nation:

Honestly, anyone who can pull off a running joke about leeks that does not make you gag, and is in fact a silly delight, deserves props. - The Los Angeles Times

It's another brightly rendered effort, but, as the title indicates, a lot of the real creativity seems to have been used up the first time around. - The Boston Globe

Sometimes so strange, colorful and wildly cute that it may end up becoming a "Yellow Submarine" for a new generation. - The New York Times

There's not a surprise or moment of tension to be found here, but the film is all energy and color that makes the discomfort of 3-D glasses seem worth it. - USA Today

It's cute. It's funny. Kids will want the toys in a major way. And yet it slightly unsettles me precisely because of how strange the message is by the end of the film. - HitFix

A second helping of sugar rush cinema, wholly dependent upon food puns and pretty colors whizzing by. But it's the only chance for small children to drag parents to the movies until November, so knock yourself out, kiddies. - The Tampa Bay Times

NOTE: Peruse a few Don Jon reviews as well to see if that film is worth a ticket.

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