Breaking Bad Recap: "Granite State"

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Breaking Bad took viewers to New Hampshire this week - and it also showcased a new side to Walter White.

He's emaciated, he's no longer in control and, for the first time in ages, he's simply... defeated.

Yes, in the wake of the craziest episode ever, AMC aired one of the quietest, as fans spent a lot of time with a Walter White we hardly recognized.

The pork pie hat? Nothing but wall decoration. The money meant to represent his one-time fortune? Used as a bribe for mere companionship. The bald head? The menacing goatee? Gone and gone.

Walt is far past the point of redemption - a point driven home in heartbreaking style when we witnessed Andrea being executed, the latest victim in Heisenberg's wake - but this episode's story and Bryan Cranston's acting still made you feel something for the man who truly duped himself into believing he's been acting this whole time in the best interests of his family.

That same family which is now broke and which now just wants him to die.

If last week's knife fight kept viewers on the edge of their seats, this week's phone call between father and son tied our stomach in knots. It was gripping and emotional and heartbreaking and seemingly enough to inspire Walt to turn himself in.

That is, until Gretchen and Elliott showed up on Charlie Rose and toyed with Walt's ego once again.

If you don't want to make The Incredible Hulk angry, you don't want to make The Incredible Meth Maker a sidenote. He's The One Who Knocks, not The One You Casually Dismiss as Unimportant to Your Million-Dollar Company.

And now he's The One With a Machine Gun and Ricin. The former to rescue Jesse and the latter for himself? Is that how this tale will end? We'll find out on next Sunday's finale.

But you tell us: Is that how you want Breaking Bad to conclude? Do you want Walter White to die?

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