Breaking Bad Recap: Was "Ozymandias" the Craziest Episode Yet?

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Breaking Bad's third-to-last episode, "Ozymandias," was teased by creator Vince Gilligan as the show's best to date, and it certainly did not lack for drama.

Was it the show's high water mark? That depends on your perspective, but it's hard to imagine TV getting any more electrifying than Sunday night.

Every time you thought things couldn't get any worse, they did, as Breaking Bad continues to find new ways to become mind-numbingly devastating.

Have you ever watched TV and literally gasped out loud, mouthed "holy s--t" to yourself, held your hands to your mouth or sat on the edge of your seat?

This would be the occasion.

Once your stomach settles and blood pressure falls, let's break down where things stand with just two installments left of the greatest show of our time.

MAJOR spoilers below ...

After a flashback to Season 1, at the exact same spot of the shootout, we pick up where last week left off and see that Steve Gomez is dead.

Hank is still alive, but cornered by Todd's uncle. Walt tries to bargain for his brother-in-law’s life, offering him all the money they want. No dice.

Jack shoots Hank, and having realized from Walt's own comments why they're in that exact location, finds and takes Walt's money - $80 million.

They leave him one barrel, or around $11 million, because of Todd's respect for Walt. Unlike with Hank, Walt has no intention of bargaining for Jesse.

Walt tells them they're even once they finish the job, and after Jesse is found under Walt's car, they take him away. Walt tells him that he watched Jane die.

His gas tank has been hit with a bullet, so Walt rolls his remaining barrel to the home of a man on the Indian Reservation and buys his truck with cash.

Later, Todd does not kill Jesse, but forces him to cook with him.

Skyler and Holly

Marie, having gotten the phone call from Hank informing her that Walt is in custody, tells Skyler about it and makes her tell Walt Jr. about his father.

This doesn't go well. As they arrive hime, Walt shows up with the $11 million and wants to take the family away. Skyler pulls a knife on him and they struggle.

Walt Jr. calls the police, further enraging Walt, who bolts - and takes Holly with him for unknown reasons. The police send out an Amber Alert for Holly.

On the run, Walt realizes the baby is safer with Skyler than with him, but calls Skyler and threatens her just the same, warning her not to cross him.

Police at his house trace the call and hear him essentially confess everything, most likely deliberately to let her off the hook as an accomplice to his crimes.

Marie and Walt Jr. hear it for the first time from Walt that he is the monster they've been told about, and their reactions are predictably soul-crushing.

Walt leaves Holly at a fire station with her address pinned to her. As we fade to black, Walt gets picked up by Saul's identity-changing vacuum cleaner man.

Wow. Just ... wow. Be sure to check out TV Fanatic's Breaking Bad review for a much more extensive analysis, but tell us in the comments below:

What did you think of "Ozymandias"? Was it Breaking Bad's most intense episode yet? And how do you think the series will end in two weeks' time?

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