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The new Doctor is officially in the house.

BBC announced Peter Capaldi as the 12th actor to take on the title role of Doctor Who yesterday, prompting excitement among some fans and confusion among others.

Just who is Peter Capaldi? Scroll down for a list of fun facts about the 55-year old actor…

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Announcement
  1. He’s won an Oscar! In 1995, Capaldi took home the trophy for Live Action Short Film for directing the comedy Franz Kafka’s It’s A Wonderful Life.
  2. He appeared opposite Brad Pitt in World War Z and will do the same with Angelina Jolie in Maleficent.
  3. He played in a band at the Glasgow School of Art with drummer Craig Ferguson. The talk show host later said Capaldi inspired him to try comedy.
  4. In 2008, Capaldi appeared in an episode of Doctor Who as a character named Caecilius. He encountered David Tennant’s tituls hero when he visited Pompeii.
  5. A long-time fan of the series, Capaldi wrote fan letters to producers as a 14-year old and eventually received a gift basket in exchange for his efforts.