Modern Dads Review: A Good Day at the Office?

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Modern Dads, which premiered last night after another highly-rated episode of Duck Dynasty on A&E, is like its lead-in in many respects.

It's obviously family-oriented, comedic but heartwarming, relatable but slightly over the top, and in the gray area between scripted and reality.

But does that make it a watchable show?

The four guys take good care of their children, to be sure, and don't recoil in abject terror at the sight of things like dirty diapers, a la bad sitcoms.

There are tons of moments on Modern Dads, like in life, where all you can do is shake your head, laugh or nod in a "been there" kind of way.

Yet one can't help but wonder if it would be better as an actual reality show, not just a comedic insight into the lives of men taking on "mom" roles.

For many families, both parents play equal, or at least major, roles getting their kids to daycare or school on time, making dinner, and working.

Both parents pitching in is not a novelty, but a necessity in tough economic times - something the folks on this show don't have to worry about.

So in that sense, this quartet of stay-at-home Modern Dads, ironically, may actually not be as representative of modern life as the title implies.

That said, despite the obviously scripted talking heads and attempts to borrow from Modern Family, you have to give the dads credit where due.

They're not capturing the big picture in some transcendent behind-the-scenes look at parenting or family structures. But they do seem like good parents!

Did you watch Modern Dads? And do you agree? Comment below!

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