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Milyn Jensen has a confession to make: She’s the girl who broke up Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

The 22-year old nursing student tells The Sun that she was introduced to the singer by shady best friend Lil Twist inside a nightclub on December 21.

From there, she and Justin went to McDonald’s, where Bieber allegedly bought Milyn “some large fries” before taking her back to his Los Angeles mansion…

… and including a side of pork with her order. If you know what Milyn Jensen means!

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“Justin knew what he was doing like a man much older than his years,”Jensen says of the star’s sexual prowess. “I felt like he’d had a lesson or two.”


But while Milyn expresses regret over the incident – “I was absolutely shocked when I read he had split up with Selena over what we did. I hate being the girl that broke them up,” she says – the brunette also benefited from the banging:

She is now a cast member on Bad Girls Club: Miami.

Are you buying this sordid tale, Beliebers? Or is Jensen just looking to cash in on Justin’s fame?

Bieber and Gomez did split up toward the end of 2012, but this remains a tale of He Said/She Said… and even with Bieber not saying anything at all in response, we think we know who will come out on top in the minds of most fans.