Lindsay Lohan: I Will NEVER Drink Again!

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Lindsay Lohan is determined to live alcohol-free. Like forever.

No seriously, she is After you're done laughing, read on ...

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The actress, who just got out of rehab but was warned by her doctors and a judge to stick with treatment or face certain failure, is apparently taking that advice.

So committed is LiLo to her sobriety that she will insist hotel rooms, dressing rooms and even her mom's home are dry when she comes for a visit.

Dina Lohan's house, alcohol free? That will be a tall order, but she checked into the Beverly Hills Hotel this week and did just as described above.

Practicing what she preaches? A novel concept!

Same goes for her guest stint on Chelsea Lately last week. She insisted her dressing room contain only non-alcoholic drinks before her gig on E!

Lindsay also plans to travel with a "sober coach" for at least the next week, which seems like the most unnecessary thing ever, but give her credit.

She may have claimed rehab is a joke, but she's not acting like it.

With her propensity to succumb to temptation, relapsing is a real threat, and the fact she's aware of it is more than you can say for most in her position.

Whether she can keep it going for the long haul, or even through the month of August, is very much an open question. But so far, LiLo ... respect.

Lindsay Lohan: Can she stay clean?


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