Katy Perry "Roar" Sales DOMINATE Lady Gaga's "Applause" in First Week of Release

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Katy Perry's "Roar" has won the battle of the new hit pop singles, at least in their opening week, outpacing Lady Gaga's latest release, "Applause."

Perry is a champion, as proclaimed, and her fans' collective "Roar" has propelled her to more than 525,000 downloads of her latest mega-single.

Somewhere, Perez Hilton is celebrating so hard.

That's compared to an estimated 200,000 to 225,000 sales expected for Lady Gaga, Billboard reports. So is "Applause" more like a slow clap?

The release of today's Lady Gaga "Applause" music video might help her cause ("Roar" doesn't have one yet), but for now, Katy is winning big time.

Maybe Little Monsters didn't satisfy (people, or expectations).

Gaga and Perry weren’t planning to go head-to-head like this, but when both their new singles leaked online last weekend, the comparison was inevitable.

While initial projections had the singers neck-and-neck, even suggesting both could surpass a half-million sales, Gaga's stalled around the 200K mark.

If Perry hits 525,000 as expected, it will be her biggest digital-sales week yet; “Firework” holds that record now, moving 509,000 in the last week of 2010.

Gaga’s previous high is identical: “Born This Way” sold 509,000 downloads in its second week of release in 2011. And, of course, the real battle is yet to come.

Perry’s album, Prism is due October 22.

Gaga’s ARTPOP arrives November 11.

Prepare for round two, pop fans.

Which song do you like more?

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