Justin Bieber Juggles "Macarons" With Girl, Tells Fans to #UNLOCKTHEDREAM

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Might this be the week we finally get to hear Justin Bieber's highly anticipated new single "Heartbreaker"? Maybe. Biebs is in full hype mode for ... something.

The singer has written a series of tweets and released a video on Facebook that makes it seem as if the release of "Heartbreaker" may, in fact, be imminent.

Last night, he cryptically tweeted "#UNLOCKTHEDREAM #THEKEY tomorrow u get it." It remains unclear exactly what u get, but sounds awesome.

Then, he posted this short video on Facebook:

Titled "Macarons," the 10-second clip shows a VERY happy Justin Bieber, looking stoned out of his mind, juggling colorful macarons as a random girl looks on.

Again, we are told to #UNLOCKTHEDREAM.

Do as he instructs, people.


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