Devin Langford Tries, Fails to Urinate Out of Cop Car Window After DUI Arrest

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Devin Langford, a VERY drink Florida man, was arrested for DUI recently ... and tried to urinate out of the police cruiser window en route to the station.

His attempt did not go as planned.

Pulled over for speeding, Langford was promptly given sobriety tests due to his “red, glassy, bloodshot eyes," and the "plethora of empty beer cans” in his truck.

Obviously, he failed the tests, and was put in a squad car to be taken to the county jail. On his way, he felt nature's call and told the officer he had to go.

The arresting officer, Brian Bell, told Langford to wait until they got to jail, but he said he couldn't hold it that long and asked if he could urinate in the car.

You'd think this would - pardon the expression - piss off the cop. But Bell was understanding (or just trying not to get into an argument with a wasted guy).

Bell told him if he had to go, to just do it. Langford was so touched, he decided to avoid urinating in the car by attempting to aim it out the window.

While Bell said he'd prefer if Langford just wet his pants, the suspect went ahead with his plan ... and peed all over the passenger seat and floorboards.

Better luck next time.

He was not charged for the urination fail at least. Later, when they arrived at jail, Langford told Bell, "I might be a little drunk, but I'm not a lot of drunk."

The breathalyzer (.138 percent and .141 percent in two attempts) said otherwise, but at least he scored around a .875 on the unintended comedy scale.

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