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Darren Young is out… and all about his boyfriend Nick!

Earlier this week, the WWE star became the first active wrestler to admit he’s gay, earning the praise of colleagues such as John Cena in the process.

Now, in a follow-up to its original post, TMZ has uncovered the reason why Young chose this time to come out to the world and to Vince McMahon: He’s in love!

Darren Young Admits: I'm Gay

Deeply in love, in fact, which is how he phrased his status when telling WWE producers that he’s a homosexual.


Young and Nick are living together in Florida and the former simply could not continue residing in the closet at the same time.

Since making this major announcement, Young has received support across the wrestling aisle and across the sports landscape in general.

He even got a call of encouragement from Jason Collins, who came out a few months ago as gay and is now looking for an NBA team.

Robert Griffin III has also shown love for Young and said this is the ideal time for any gay NFL players to reveal their identity to the world. Might that actually happen soon? Stay tuned.