Chinese Man Arrested for Attempted Vaginal Exorcism with His Penis

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Did you hear the one about the man who got a fork stuck in his penis?

Oh... you did? Okay.

What about the guy who was arrested this month in China's Guangdong Province for convincing a woman that his penis could rid her vagina of the evil spirits that were preventing her from seducing her boss?

exorcism pic

According to The Global Times, Huang Jianjun (a self-proclaimed "Ghostbuster") charged a patient over $3,000 to have intercourse with him because he said his unit could catch the spirits that were haunting her private area.

The unnamed victim reportedly met Jiajun at a hotel room... stripped naked for him in order to be inspected... and called the police soon afterward to have him arrested.

Jiajun actually admitted to the incident, but told authorities he could not achieve an erection - and fully bust her ghost, if you know what we mean! - due to his Diabetes. He is now awaiting trial.

The woman, meanwhile, is hopefully not seeking a second opinion.