The Lone Ranger Reviews: Should They Ride Off Into the Sunset?

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Johnny Depp's new movie, The Lone Ranger, has been anticipated by many... though the casting of Depp as Tonto has been derided by many more.

Does the casting decisions take away from the enjoyment of the movie? Should Armie Hammer's The Lone Ranger ride again?

Take a look at the critics' reviews here, compare them to Despicable Me 2 reviews, then make your decision as to which movie you head out to see this holiday weekend!

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in The Lone Ranger

There's no shame in getting upstaged by Johnny Depp. Coming up third behind a dead crow, however, signals trouble. - Greg Evans, Bloomberg News

The sort of movie that delivers too much too late and still manages to make it feel like too little. - Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

Despite its impressively staged set pieces, The Lone Ranger can't survive the epic train wreck resulting from its own tonal clashes, wherein mournful scenes of genocide and stolen immigrant labor are tastelessly juxtaposed with silly slapstick humor. - Anne Hornaday, Washington Post

Whoever decided to revive the Lone Ranger would normally not be consulted for bright ideas again at any time in the near future. - Kurt Loder, Reason Online

Somewhere in there is an entertaining film, but The Lone ranger stretches your patience mightily. - Julian Roman, MovieWeb

Shot mostly across scenic landscapes in New Mexico, Colorado and Utah, including Monument Valley, [it acts] as a visual tribute to some of the great Westerns of history shot by the likes of John Ford. This Lone Ranger won't be joining their ranks. - Cary Darling, Fort Worth Star-Telegram/

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