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The truth came out this week on Teen Wolf.

Indeed, Scott is a true alpha, as Dr. Deaton informed this character. And these types only come along once every century or so.

No wonder Deucalion is after him, huh?


  • Through Boyd, Derek learned how Erica died.
  • “My last boyfriend was a homicidal lizard, so I think I can handle a werewolf.” – Lydia
  • Boyd was killed – yes, killed! –  at the hands of the Kali, with help of Ethan and Lydia’s sex partner Aidan. He died in Derek’s arms as the latter apologized.
  • Derek and Pedi totally went at it in a terrific fight scene, made all the more gruesome by her attempts to slash his face with her toes. Can her feet be encased in concrete already?!?

So, where does Teen Wolf Season 3 go from here now that Scott knows Deucalion is in Beacon Hills for him? We have six days to ponder and wonder.


Will you miss Boyd?