Spring Breakers: A Spiritual Journey or Just Crap?

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Harmony Korine is an oddity, no other way to put it. Banned from ever appearing on David Letterman's show again for apparently rifling through another guest's purse, he seems to get more weird as time goes by.

His movies? A grab bag for sure. Everything from HIV in Kids to a group of friends being bailed out of jail by a drug dealing James Franco in his newest film Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers Cast Pic

Most all movies have some element of symbolism, but does Spring Breakers have it in spades? We touched on the symbolism in our Spring Breakers review but there are those out there who went much, much further.

While most of us were off celebrating the holiday with barbecues and fireworks, reddit user, oldtobes was busy putting together his theory that Spring Breakers is a story of a religious and spiritual journey, first and foremost.

Spring Breakers Arch In Bubble Bath

Long and short of it: James Franco as Alien is the Devil and Gucci Mane as Archie is God. That would mean that this picture here is one of God in a bubble bath. 

In Harmony Korine's view of the universe, God enjoys bubble baths.

James Franco as Alien in Spring Breakers

And the Devil? The Devil is a HUGE fan of Britney Spears. Can't really blame him, I guess. Don't know that I'd go so far as to suggest she's an "angel on earth" but hey, I enjoyed 'Baby One More Time' just as much as the rest of us.

So James Franco is the piano playing drug dealer who inevitably leads the girls to hide from God through their pink (color of God) ski masks. All to fulfill the foreshadowing proclaimed by a preacher in the beginning of the movie.

Is the interpretation right? Well it's just that, an interpretation so who really knows. Is it likely right? Probably.

Does it make the movie any better? No. Spring Breakers was awful and not even the entire Bulfinch's Mythology can convince me otherwise. But it is fun to see people's different takes on things.

So what do you think? Is Spring Breakers a modern tale of good and evil with God and the Devil it's two cornerstones? Or is it just crap? Let us know down in the comments!