Spencer Clawson's Mom: Big Brother Star is NOT a Bigot! It's Just Strategy!

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Spencer Clawson's mom is defending the Big Brother 15 cast member, claiming he's not a bigot or a racist ... he's just talking like one as part of his game.

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Donna Clawson tells TMZ that her son was not showing his true colors when he praised Hitler and referred to a gay housemate as "Kermit the f**."

"Spencer really is a great guy," she said. "This is not a guy that’s a bigot or a racist."

"And he’s not that way at home. He's a great guy."

Why did Spencer Clawson say such horrible things on the show's live feeds then? Just trying to fit in with the racist, homophobic crowd and win the show, mom says.

Well, that's one way to look at it.

"If you're in a group, you go along with the group talk and that is what is happening with him," she says, insisting it's all strategy. "This is a reality show."

"The purpose of the show is scheming behind each other's backs. Spencer might not be perfect but he's my son. All those kids are somebody's child."

"He's a good guy."

His employer, Union-Pacific Railroad, may see it differently. Ditto Julie Chen, the longtime Big Brother host who said the recent controversy has "stung."

Clawson, Aaryn Gries and Gina Marie Zimmerman in particular have been singled out for racist and/or homophobic comments on the show's live feeds.

Sunday night, CBS actually aired some of them and addressed the controversy, while distancing the show and producers from the comments themselves.

You buying Spencer's mom's explanation?

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