Paula Deen N-Word Video: Blocked From Release

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The infamous video of Paula Deen openly admitting to using the n-word in a deposition will never see the light of day, now that a judge ordered it sealed.

Deen made the admission in the lawsuit filed by one of her ex-employees, Lisa Jackson, who her Paula of promoting a racist, sexist work environment.

This was the event that triggered Paula's epic self-destruction, with Food Network firing her and at least a half dozen more business partners bailing ASAP.

The video is described as "colorful," but it's been sealed.

Paula D.

Paula Deen, obviously concerned that someone would leak the deposition video to the media, filed legal papers asking the judge to block its release.

Two points worth nothing:

  1. While Deen admitted using racial slurs in the past, she denies all of Lisa Jackson's allegations, while saying her entire basis for suing is a lie.
  2. It's not known who leaked her quotes from the video.

The suit is still pending.

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