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The next time you break out your camera for that Kodak moment you feel might inspire the next generation, think twice.

Ved Chirayath is an employee at NASA’s Ames Research Center who happens to be a fashion photographer as well. He teamed up with his fellow employees to put together this photo of “Space Vikings“.

Meant to be an inspiration to kids who might see the photo and think they too might want to work for NASA and be a “Space Viking”, instead it drew the attention of Charles Grassley, Senator from Iowa.

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Grassley took it upon himself to contact NASA chief, Charles Boden asking if the photo was a misappropriation of NASA funds.

It wasn’t. Not even close. One might say the exact opposite, that Grassley’s ridiculous inquiry was a waste of government time and resources.

Now that your head has exploded in ridiculous rage, soothe yourself with this video of an amazing puppy.