Monica Lewinsky "Sex Tape" Leaks; Audio Details Plan For Bill Clinton Rendezvous

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An alleged "sex tape" that Monica Lewinsky recorded for Bill Clinton at the peak of their infamous affair has leaked, according to the National Enquirer.

Lewinsky, the only person heard on the tape (which is only audio), proclaims herself “too cute and adorable” to be ignored by our 42nd President:

“I could take my clothes off and start… well… I know you wouldn’t enjoy that? I hope to see you later and I hope you will follow my script and do what I want.”

Monica Lewinsky Photograph
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Monica Lewinsky, who turned 40 last week, allegdly made the three-minute, 47 second recording back in 1997 and addressed it to “handsome.”

The sexually explicit tape details are in the new issue of the Enquirer, though they are not available on its website, so take all this with a grain of salt.

Still, it's an interesting account to say the least:

She continues telling "handsome" that: “I know you will be alone tomorrow evening. I have two proposals for you, neither of which is you not seeing me.”

Lewinsky then orders Clinton to use his secretary, Betty Currie, as a go-between and plan the presidential schedule so they could covertly meet.

She tells him to pre-plan and tell Currie he's leaving at "7, 7:30 so that everyone else who hates me that causes me lots of trouble goes home."

“Then you quickly sneak back and in the meantime I sneak over and then we can have a nice little visit for, you know, 15 minutes or half an hour."

"Whatever you want.”

Allegedly, Monica Lewinsky bemoans how their previous “60 seconds” encounter “was just not enough ­ even though you did look very handsome.”

“Maybe we could go over and watch a movie together and just have kind of, I don¹t know, boxed dinners or something like that,” she alternately suggests.

“That way we don’t have to deal with the problem of me… of there being a record of me going upstairs and we can spend time together and see a good movie.

“So I don’t know, those are two proposals and you can’t refuse me because I’m too cute and adorable and soon I won’t be here anymore to pop over."

“I’m very persistent, but um… I really want to see you.”

According to The Enquirer, Lewinsky played the tape for Linda Tripp, whose secret tapes of Lewinsky led to Clinton’s impeachment, in 1997.

The audio cassette "sex tape" was delivered to the Oval Office the next day, according to a report by the Office of Independent Counsel Ken Starr.

The tape and other racy mementos, including love letters Lewinsky wrote to Clinton, were obtained by an individual who was hired as a “cleaner.”

The source kept the sensational material private for the past 15 years while the Clintons reportedly thought the evidence had been destroyed.

“First, I forgot to tell you that the Gingko Blowjoba, or whatever it’s called, was from me,” Lewinsky wrote in one of her romantics note to Clinton.

“I also included those new Zinc throat lozenges which are rumored to be great.”


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