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Mariah Carey is gonna be okay, folks.

Yes, she dislocated her shoulder this week during a music video shoot in New York City, but the singer is soldiering on.

She posted a video yesterday of herself being wheeled out of the hospital following what she describes as a "harrowing" ordeal, as she gives a nurse a couple air kisses and tells the camera that it’s time to go back to work.

Mariah Carey Exits Hospital

"Thanks all for the well wishes," Mariah Tweeted. "Still in a lot of pain – cracked rib, fractured shoulder, bruises everywhere, but the show must go on."


How did the injury take place?

Explained husband Nick Cannon during a Today Show appearance soon afterward:

"She was in this nice, beautiful gown, heels on and everything, and was kind of on this platform and reached and slipped and fell on her whole side."

That sounds painful. But here’s the bright side for Carey: no one is talking about her lip-synching at the BET Awards right now.