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LeAnn Rimes is reportedly pregnant, according to Star. We know, we know. As celebrity gossip sources go, that one’s high on the eye-rolling meter.

Maybe the supermarket tabloid just likes to torture Brandi Glanville. Assuming she’s even sobered up since her thong-flashing bender the other night.

Is this the reason for LeAnn looking so hot these days? We shall see. We doubt it, given the source, but even they could be right once in a decade.

LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville Selfie

In case you live under a rock, LeAnn hooked up with Eddie Cibrian while he was still married to Brandi, and they carried on a torrid affair under her nose.

Brandi quickly divorced Eddie and LeAnn’s popularity plummeted, with large segments of the Twitter-verse slamming the singer for being a home wrecker.


Rimes went on to marry Eddie and apologize multiple times, publicly, for how she conducted herself, but the bad blood persists with Brandi. No surprise.

It’s surely legitimate, but the fact is that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has made a remarkably successful career out of LeAnn feuding.

If LeAnn Rimes is indeed pregnant, which has been falsely rumored several times before in the past two years, things are going to get really interesting.

If she gets fall-down drunk as is, imagine if there’s a half-sibling-to-be on the way for her two boys? NOTE: Follow Brandi Glanville on Twitter ASAP.