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The Lambert family is back and ready to have the pants scared off them once again. This clip might not have the creepy self-moving baby walker like the Insidious Chapter 2 trailer, but it’s still pretty freaky.

Check out the Insidious Chapter 2 clip below!

Insidious Chapter 2 Clip

Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson are back as the extremely unlucky Renai and Josh Lambert along with Barbara Hershey as Josh’s mother, Lorraine.


The big question… what was on that camera? Does it show how Elise dies? Does Josh Lambert play a part?

Is Renai Lambert protecting her children from anything besides the incredibly scary creatures roaming their house in this Insidious Chapter 2 motion poster?

We’ll have to wait until Friday, September 13th to find out.

For now, how about scaring yourself with this Insidious Chapter 2 photo?