Golden Corral Dumpster: Exposed by Employee, Defended by Restaurant

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Another fast food chain has been embarrassed by one of its employees.

Following a viral photo of a Taco Bell worker licking shells, which was followed by a Wendy's dude guzzling from the Frosty machine, Brandon Huber (a cook at a Golden Corral in Florida) posted a video that purports to show food about to be inspected as it sits alongside a dumpster.

As you can see, Huber is grossed out by the unhealthy practice:

Golden Corral has since responded in a statement to Consumerist:

"A video was recently posted showing an incident of improper food handling at our Port Orange, Florida location."

None of these items were served to a single customer. All were destroyed within the hour at the direction of management."

"The manager involved in the improper storage was terminated for failing to follow approved food handling procedures."

The chain also claims Huber's father tried to sell the video for $5,000 and that Huber helped dispose of the food depicted above.

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