Farrah Abraham "Physically Cornered" Nurse in Rehab, Michael Lohan Claims

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Farrah Abraham's controversial, short-lived stint in rehab ended early in part because she got physical with a nurse ... according to Michael Lohan.

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The reality star was kicked out for being a disruptive influence and taking pics of Tan Mom, but that's not all, says Lindsay Lohan's dad (who was there).

MiLo says Farrah Abraham “physically cornered” a nurse at the facility, the last of a string of outrageous incidents that earned her the heave-ho.

“She would just go off on tirades,” Michael Lohan recalled to Jared and Katie in the Morning on 107.5 KZL FM. “She was very abrasive towards staff."

Mike is a spokesperson and an interventionist at The Lukens Institute, so he's got first-hand knowledge of the antics that got Farrah's arse kicked out.

“Especially the nurse at our place. She physically cornered the lady. She cornered the nurse,” Michael told Jared and Katie about her shocking behavior.

Farrah denied reports that she was booted out of the treatment center, telling FOX News “My old manager, who is a lying b!tch, said I was disruptive.”

However, Michael says that Abraham totally was ... not surprising, as she's a pathological liar as well as a porn star, despite her denials of each.

“She was very disruptive at the house. They didn’t even want her in the house.”

Somewhere, James Deen is nodding. Or shooting porn with Google Glass on.

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