Delivery Man Trailer: New Footage Makes All the Difference

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The first Delivery Man trailer made the film look like a huge waste of time, but thanks to this new trailer, things are looking up.

Vince Vaughn still has 533 kids thanks to a fertility clinic mixup, but at least now we know he isn't just going to crash their weddings or throw dodgeballs at their nuts. 

Amazing what a little extra info will do to a story. Of course watching Chris Pratt be smacked repeatedly in the face isn't going to be anything but fun and that also helps.

Don't be mistaken, Delivery Man is another Vince Vaughn movie and it looks like another Vince Vaughn movie, but it has potential to be quite enjoyable at the same time.

While The Internship is still going somewhat strong this summer, Delivery Guy will fill our Vince Vaughn needs this fall, opening on October 4.

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