Debbie Rowe to Testify in Michael Jackson Case, Reveal Singer's Hard Drug Use

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Debbie Rowe will testify in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case, and what she has to say about his drug use certainly won't help his family's cause.

Rowe will be called by AEG Live Tuesday or Wednesday, according to TMZ, and will say that as early as the 1980s, MJ was abusing prescription meds.

Debbie blames Jackson's good friend Dr. Arnold Klein - the rumored biological father of Prince and Paris Jackson, incidentally - for feeding the habit.

According to Rowe, Klein had a standing order from Michael. When he came to the dermatologist's office, he would be injected with Demerol and Vistaril.

The latter makes the former stronger, apparently, and turned Jackson into an addict, which Rowe said he tried to keep secret from her for years.

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson Photo

That last part is crucial for AEG Live, as the company argues that it had no reason to know Michael was a drug abuser or the extent of said abuse.

Debbie Rowe will say she saw MJ coming out of Klein's office days before he died, and when he passed away, she tore Klein a new one on the phone:

"What the f**k did you give him? He's dead and it's your fault."

She then hung up on him.

Rowe reportedly had no idea Michael Jackson was secretly going to surgical offices specifically for the purpose of getting high and going to sleep.

The testimony could be huge, because if a jury feels he could hide hardcore drug use, the argument that AEG killed Michael Jackson may not hold water.

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