Prince Michael Jackson: AEG Killed My Dad!

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Prince Michael Jackson testified in the wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live yesterday that the concert promoter was killing his late father.

Or so Michael said.

Prince MJ
Bad Conrad

Michael Jackson had such issues with AEG leading up to his death that would cry and say, "They're gonna kill me ... they're gonna kill me."

Prince testified that his father was so excited for his 2009 "This Is It" tour, but felt he needed more time to rehearse, which AEG did not like.

Prince also said that AEG honcho Randy Phillips came over several times and grabbed Dr. Conrad Murray by the elbow, as if to school him.

Michael's oldest child got personal and talked about how involved the late King of Pop was in his kids' lives, which is very relevant in this case.

With the family seeking damages, Prince the jury about how MJ loved home videos and how he, Blanket and Paris Jackson adored him so.

Prince also said the day MJ died at his home, Paris was screaming that she wanted her daddy as Dr. Murray announced that he was dead.

According to Prince, Dr. Conrad Murray informed them of Michael Jackson's tragic passing by glibly announcing, "Sorry kids. Dad's dead."

He said all he could do was cry after hearing the news.

Prince said he recalled being in the sitting room of the family's Holmby Hills mansion when his father went into cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009.

Prince said he heard screams as Murray summoned him upstairs, where he saw his dad "half hanging out of bed" as Murray administered CPR.

He said Paris Jackson was hit the hardest by her dad's death, screaming that she "wanted her daddy" while Murray was trying to resuscitate him.

Prince said of his sister, who's a year younger than he is, "She was my dad's princess. She definitely is dealing with [his death] in her own way."

The point of the testimony is to prove AEG pushed Michael mercilessly and that, combined with Dr. Murray's bad medicine, cost him his life.

To the tune of $40 BILLION. We'll see if a jury agrees ...

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