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American Baking Competition wrapped itself in a tasty U.S. flag last night as it crowned its first-ever winner.

Who would walk away with $250,000, along with the chance to never deal with Jeff Foxworthy again?

Darlene, Francine and Brian kicked off the hour by talking about their desire to come out on top… and then the Signature Bake was on!

Afton Williamson as Talia Bishop

It allowed the contestants to whip up whatever “sophisticated” item they wanted to and it started with a hug for all from Darlene. AWWWW.

From there, the technical bake involved donuts and frying, two things with which Darlene was not too familiar.

The Showstopper then asked each finalists to come up with a trio of mini desserts in an American flag theme; 24 each of meringue, cake and pastry. They would be served for special guests that wound up being the contestants’ family members.

So… who was dubbed the winner after all this cooking was complete? Visit Food Fanatic for its American Baking Competition review and the answer!