Jennifer Aniston SmartWater Ad: Now in Color!

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Jennifer Aniston's latest ad for her SmartWater campaign has been officially unveiled, and to the surprise of no one, the 44-year-old star looks stunning.

Lounging in bed while wearing a simple white tank, Aniston clutches her SmartWater with her perfectly manicured fingertips, looking absolutely angelic:

Jennifer Aniston SmartWater Advertisement

Her blue eyes pop against the background, which is sprinkled with small white clouds, while her long locks look lovely in a straight and relaxed style.

The actress has been the face of SmartWater almost as long as she's been the face of bad comedies, but this is her first color campaign for the brand.

The previous ads have all featured black-and-white images ... and sometimes Jennifer Aniston nude. But variety is the spice of life, as they say.

She's also used the SmartWater platform to poke fun at the never-ending rumors that continually plaguing the star, donning a fake baby bump in one spot.

All kidding aside, Jennifer Aniston does indeed regularly guzzle SmartWater and credits healthy habits like that for her very fit figure and glowing skin.

If it helps you look like that at 44, that's quite the testimonial.


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