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The making of White House Down is responsible for the making of Channing All Over Your Tatum.

So the movie has clearly already paid off.

But is the blockbuster, which hits theaters today, worthy of your time and money? Critics from around the country weigh in below…

It Poster

White House Down is the kind of celebration of rampant mayhem in which everyone seems to have a rocket launcher — or at least a live hand grenade — at the ready, just in case they need to dispatch a scrum of exceptionally vile and cruel villains. – The Washington Post

As demented and entertaining as promised, and a little less idiotic than feared. – The New York Times


Each nutty scenario is surpassed by the next, ludicrous story lines coalesce with expert orchestration, and absurd details return with perfect timing to build to a crescendo of hilarity. – The Boston Globe

It’s a blatant attempt for the director to revive his box office fortunes by blowing up parts of the White House Complex as gaudily as he did 18 years ago. – The Orange County Register

If you have to chose just one White House under attack movie, the wise choice would be to spend your money on Olympus Has Fallen. –