Patrick Schwarzenegger: Shirtless, Ripped!

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Patrick Schwarzengger, 19-year-old model, actor, USC freshman and son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, is in pretty good shape apparently.

"Early morning pump!" he captioned the Twitter photo below, followed by, "Who is getting into shape for summer??!! Gonna gain 7 pounds this summer."

Beats the heck out of our 30 minutes a day of cardio. Show-off.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Shirtless Photo

Presumably, Patrick Schwarzenegger means packing on seven pounds of muscle, not gaining weight like Rob Kardashian on last night's Keeping Up.

Just a hunch there.

Patrick doesn't eschew clothes all the time: He's co-founder of Project 360, a clothing company that seeks to raise funds and organize donations for charity.

Hey, if you have to wear clothes, it might as well be for a good cause. And for one's free time, there's always the gym. Keep the Twitpics coming, Pat.

Looks like he inherited his father's love for getting buff, no doubt.

Let's just hope he doesn't emulate ... certain other habits.

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