Lindsay Lohan DOOMED Because of Dad, Doc Gooden Says

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Lindsay Lohan was destined for a downward spiral because of her train wreck dad Michael, according to former baseball standout Dwight "Doc" Gooden.

The athlete has experience with Lindsay's dad from their 2011 stint in Celebrity Rehab together, and tells Jim Rome, "He was definitely a head case."

"I can kinda understand why Lindsay has the problems she has."

Dr. K
Waste of Space
It's Michael Lohan

Doc says Michael Lohan was the most screwed up of his Rehab, but LiLo's dad says Gooden is just bitter because he recently tried to get him help.

Wait, what?

Michael tells TMZ, "I am sorry that Dwight is in such a bad place. He used to stay in touch with me but he fell off the wagon and into his dugout mode."

"I am surprised he said that, but maybe it's because I work in the recovery business," the father of Lindsay Lohan adds, presumably without irony or sarcasm.

"I recently tried to get him to go into treatment. I guess he isn't throwing strike outs as much as striking out himself. Just another wild pitch!"

Good one MiLo.

For what it's worth, sources say Lindsay has been a model rehab patient since she checked in - despite the shenanigans she pulled at the onset.

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